I`ve sent the following email to the mailing list, however for some reason 
it is not shown in the archives, so I guess it hasn`t been `arrived` at 
all. So I am trying now on this group.

I am using Git bash from version 1.8.3.msysgit.0, on a Windows 7x64 PC.
I have an issue with executing *git push* if I have a post-receive script 
The content of the script is not really important, as if I have a script 
that contains only commented out lines (around 70 lines), my *git push*command 
is delayed with around 5 seconds.
I`ve tested the script on another PC and it is working fine. No delay at 
all. So there are some issues on my PC regarding how git processes remote 
I took a wireshark trace with 2 scenarios on my PC:
 1. just execute `cat <path_to_the_script>\post-receive` command in the git 
 2. did a `real` git push
Results of the wireshark traces shows:
 1. Read AndX Request, FID: 0x228f, 1024 bytes at offset 0 (1024 bytes at 
time, always)
 2. Read AndX Request, FID: 0x21c9, 1 byte at offset 0 (1 byte, always)
git push command reads the post-receive script in 1 byte chunks, which 
dramatically slows down the execution process.
If more information is required about my setup or configuration, I will 
provided it happily, but I think this 1 byte read is the main reason for 
the issue.
Has anyone seen something similar? Or have any clues what is going on?

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