I'm trying to integrate some type of source code versioning. I come from a 
VSS background, where our workstations would connect to a server and 'check 
out' a solution/project into my workstation. Essentially, 'check out' the 
code into my PC and then ('check in') back to the server.

Anyways, I'm trying to understand how Git works. I assumed that I would 
install Git in the server (where all source code will reside), and then I'd 
install an add-on to VS2010 in my workstation to connect to the server. 
>From VS2010 I would add my solution to the server, and do 

So, I installed this version of Git in the 
and I can see a box that asks me to create a new repository. What I don't 
seem to understand is how I can connect locally (from my VS2010) to that 
server. In my workstation (VS2010), I installed Git Source Control 
Provider, but I don't see any option that lets me connect to the server.

Any help is appreciated.

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