Hi List, 

I messed up a commit message, and wanted to fix it immediatly after the
commit (but I already merged the commit into master and pushed both -
master and work branch - to github, unfortunately). 

Thus I ran

| git commit --amend

edited the message in Zile, and saved the file. 

(I needed several trials, since from inside Emacs (Magit or Eshell) this
would not work as expected, only from the shell command-line with Zile
as editor).

To my surprise, a new commit hash was created, and the hash of the
original commit disappeared from the history. 

Then trying to push to orign at github, git tells me I can't push
because head in orign is behind local head -> pull first. But when I try
to pull I get:

| $ git --no-pager pull -v
| Von github.com:my/repo
|  = [aktuell]         master     -> origin/master
|  = [aktuell]         work  -> origin/work
| Your configuration specifies to merge with the ref 'work
| from the remote, but no such ref was fetched.
| git exited abnormally with code 1.

So what to do?

Why is the gmane version of this list unidirectional? It would be much
more convenient to be able to use it as newsgroup too. 


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