From: "Kevin Wilson" <>
Sent: Saturday, June 15, 2013 9:29 PM
I am trying
git describe --contains 21dc330157454046dd7c494961277d76e1c957fe
and I get:

While the info it returns is correct (this patch was indeed for v2.6.37-rc1),
I don't understand the suffix.
What is "~147^2~717" ? any ideas?

It is using the parent^ and ancestor generation~ format shown in specifying revisions section of git-rev-parse. So 147th generation ago from the tag (taking first parent line), then take the second parent in that merge, and then a further 717 ancestors ago (more first parents) you reach your commit.

That's the way I read it

And it occurs with every sha I try.
Just another  example:
git describe --contains 02c30a84e6298b6b20a56f0896ac80b47839e134

what is ~37 ?
should be 47th generation ago along the first parent line. [double] Check it with git gui, gitk, or git log...

Any ideas?

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