Hello all - 
I am new to Git and have only used it for a handful of files on a small 
personal project.  I'd like to explore using it further at my company.  We 
currently use Synergy, which everyone loves to hate, and which I personally 
am fed up from having to constantly babysit.  However, one unique feature 
of Synergy in its handling of distributed repositories is that it does 
incremental pushes that can be created as a file set between 
two repositories that are on totally separate networks.  This has been 
useful to us to sync hypothetical repository "Main" to hypothetical 
repository "Spoke" by literally burning change sets to a DVD nearly 
everyday. The nice thing about Synergy is that "Main" remembers the last 
time it created a change set for "Spoke", and subsequently only sends 
deltas since the last changeset.

It seems that we could have a similar workflow using Git or other DVCS by 
simply burning the entire "Master" repository to DVD everyday and 
subsequently pushing to "Spoke", however the people that actually do the 
DVD burning would get angry at us quickly.  Any ideas if it would be 
possible for Git to create a delta changeset that we could burn to DVD? 
 Seems like if I could setup a "Staging Spoke" on the same network as 
"Main", and somehow record the push operations that happen from "Main" to 
"Staging Spoke" that might do the trick, but I have no idea if something 
like that is possible.


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