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  Subject: [git-users] Switching between local Git branches

  Hello Git-users,
       I've a question regarding the use of multiple local branches.  

  Let's say, I've created a branch b1 and made some changes like adding a new 
file to the branch b1 after checking it out.    

  Then , I stage the file but not commit it.  

  Now I find myself a need to create another branch to work on a high severity 
  Here is where you should 'stash' your changes. This is a special type of 
commit that you can get back later.
  Or you could just do a quick "WIP" commit of your changes.
  So, I checkout local master branch and create another b2 from master.  

  Now when I switch to b2, git shows the new file which is added to branch b1.

  Shouldnt it replace the contents of my working directory with the contents of 
parent branch master ?  Instead it shows the new file when i do git status.  

  What were the specific commands you used? Git tries to avoid deleting data so 
new files are in some cases left alone rather than overwriting them (which 
would be a Bad Thing)

  Can you please explain how does this work ?


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