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> Hm.. well I definitely did learn a lot from this, and of course you
> are right it is a straightforward logical process. The main reason I
> say I wouldn't have got there is down to my intrinsic belief that I
> was to blame for the error (which I am used to being the case!) For
> example I did post a couple of related questions on the Perl monks
> website, but the rather thin suggestions there have been to imply I
> must be doing something wrong/have my environment set up incorrectly
> etc. which only served to cement that view - and I think your
> approach has been very different.

A crucial point is that it doesn't really matter who is wrong -- the
first thing is to discern the exact manner in which the failure
happened.  After that, the question arises as to how to prevent the
failure.  Debugging is always a matter of raising the hood and
examining how the failure happened in detail.  (Conversely, there are
people who post to a mailing list saying "XYZ doesn't work and I've
fiddled with all inputs but nothing works."  These people are
hopeless, because they will not attempt to *understand* what is going

In this case, we arrived at the point where we could see that the code
presumed that open() could not return 0 as a success condition.  It
can be argued that one should never run Git without standard-input
being open, but that's a rather weak argument, especially in the face
of how easy it is to fix the code.

We could also ask why your Apache environment executes subprocesses
without having standard-input open (at least to /dev/null).  That is
actually rather non-robust as well, as you've just discovered.
However, that is likely to be a lot of work, given the complexity of

In your case, you don't have to do the work to install a proper fix to
either Git or Apache because you can add "</dev/null".


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