I had a machine which was setup to periodically pull from an SVN endpoint 
(a Codeplex SVN bridge to TFS) and push to GitHub.  The machine had an 
issue and we had to rebuild a new one.  We moved the repository to the new 
machine, and ran git svn fetch, which took a few hours to run (the project 
we're tracking hadn't pushed their source code to the public for a few 
months).  Then, upon calling git svn rebase -l, I was notified that there 
was a pending change in one of the files.  I checked out that file to undo 
the change, then called git svn rebase again.  It now tells me that masteris up 
to date, but it hasn't applied any of the new commits from SVN.  
Calling git svn fetch now completes in a few seconds.  So, it seems 
somewhere git svn thinks that it has the commits and has applied them, but 
it hasn't.  Any ideas where to look?  Or how to start over?

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