> From: Ling <oylf1...@gmail.com>
> When I use the Git Extensions to clone the repository I got below error 
> message:
> fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: Pass
> I tried search online but I can't find any relative error out there, so 
> could anyone know what cause this error and how to resolve this?

You don't give the command that you used, but comparing with other
things that Google turns up, I suspect "Pass" is output from the far
end that the near-end client can't deal with.  I suspect that the far
end is printing the prompt "Password:".  This leads me to guess that
the near end client is assuming that it will automatically get access,
but the far end is not automatically granting access, and instead is
demanding a password.

Perhaps your remote access method is SSH?  Have you ensured that SSH
has access to the remote account without a password?

If that doesn't solve your problem, please repost giving the specific
command that failed.


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