Thanks a lot , I've got it , I missed doing `git fetch origin` command.
I know how to use `git clone ` command , but I think using the above method 
make me comprehend the git internal principle.

在 2013年7月24日星期三UTC+8下午9时44分10秒,Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen写道:
> On Wednesday, July 24, 2013 12:08:07 PM UTC+2, 杨沐 wrote:
>> I do the same thing which u told me , but it doesn't work , please see 
>> the  picture below:
> Do a `git fetch origin` to download the new remote branches. 
> Note that for the above workflow (fetching for the first time), you're 
> generally better off starting with a `git clone [remoteurl]` instead of 
> first initializing and adding a remote.

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