> From: Gopichand Nakkala <nakka...@gmail.com>
> I am trying to clean untracked files and running into following error,can 
> anyone one help on how to overcome this?
> user@machine:/local/mnt/workspace/i$ git clean -f -d
> warning: failed to remove halimpl/ncihal/DT_Include/DT_Nfc_types.h
> warning: failed to remove halimpl/ncihal/DT_Include/DT_Nfc.h
> warning: failed to remove halimpl/ncihal/DT_Include/DT_Nfc_link.h
> warning: failed to remove halimpl/ncihal/DT_Include/DT_Nfc_log.h
> warning: failed to remove halimpl/ncihal/DT_Include/qc1990.h
> warning: failed to remove halimpl/ncihal/DT_Include/DT_Nfc_status.h
> warning: failed to remove halimpl/ncihal/DT_Include/DT_Nfc_i2c.h

That message is generated in one of 4 places in builtin/clean.c.
(Search for "failed to remove" in the Git source, find that its only
use is in that file in

    static const char *msg_warn_remove_failed = N_("failed to remove %s");

msg_warn_remove_failed is used in 4 places, after either unlink() or
rmdir() has failed.)

In your case, none of these are directories, so it means that an
unlink() on those files failed.  You need to examine *why* the
unlink() failed.  Probably the simpest way is to do 

    rm halimpl/ncihal/DT_Include/DT_Nfc_types.h

and see what error message you get.

(This doesn't explain why the Git code doesn't give you a proper error
message for this failure, sheesh.)


Dale Worley
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