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config variable you may need.
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  Have you tried the bigFileThreshold config value which affects how the pack / 
delta compression works (by ignoring such big files thus relieving memory 
pressure), plus a bit of googling may help. 

  I think there are other similar config values related to the rest of the 
packing which will also affect memory pressure.

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    As an addition to my answer, the repository contains to 99,99% just source 
code files

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Subject: Re: limit memory usage on large repositories

> On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 05:27:57PM -0500, Matt Schoen wrote:
>> I've been using git for some time now, and host my remote bare
>> repositories on my shared hosting account at  As a
>> protective feature on their shared host setup, they enact a policy
>> that kills processes that consume too much memory.  This happens to
>> git sometimes.
>> By "sometimes" I mean on large repos (>~500MB), when performing
>> operations like git gc and git fsck and, most annoyingly, when doing a
>> clone.  It seems to happen in the pack phase, but I can't be sure
>> exactly.
> Do you know how they measure the memory? One of the problems we've had
> at GitHub in measuring git's memory usage is that git will mmap the
> fairly large packfiles. This can bloat the RSS of the git process. At
> the same time, not counting the map is not quite right, either; it is
> memory the process is using, but it could stand to give up some of it if
> other processes needed it (and that giving up is managed by the kernel,
> not by git). So you end up in a situation where you may have a large RSS
> precisely _because_ there is no memory pressure on the system, which
> leaves the kernel free to leave the mmap'd pages in RAM.
> You can reduce the amount of memory you map at once with
> core.packedGitWindowSize.
>> I've messed around with the config options like pack.threads and
>> pack.sizeLimit, and basically anything on the git config manpage that
>> mentions memory.  I limit all of these things to 1 or 0 or 1m when
>> applicable, just to be sure. To be honest, I really don't know what
>> I'm doing ;)
> I assume you did pack.deltaCacheSize, which can take a fair bit of
> memory during packing (or cloning).
> Packing itself takes up a lot, as I think we keep the whole window's
> worth of objects in memory at one time (so 10 by default). If you have
> large objects, that can spike your memory usage for a moment as we keep
> several versions of the large object in memory at once.
> If you have such large objects that don't delta well, you can use the
> "nodelta" gitattribute so that git doesn't even try them.
>> Oddly enough, I'm having trouble reproducing my issue with anything
>> but git fsck.  Clones were failing in the past, but after a successful
>> git gc, everything seems to be ok(?)
> Memory usage for clone should improve after a gc, as we will mostly be
> reusing deltas from disk instead of trying to find new ones between
> packs.
> -Peff
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