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> I'm trying to design a workflow for our team and could use some advice. My 
> git-fu is young. 
> We have  a remote repo that will store the authoritative code. That will be 
> pulled to a server local repo where the team has access. Each person will 
> clone the local repo into their home directory, edit files, and then push 
> to the local repo. Somehow we will trigger code review and acks, and then 
> someone will push from the local repo to the authoritative repo. 
> What I need help understanding is:
> 1. How to prevent code being pushed from local repo to authoritative
>    until it is reviewed? Is this a process issue or does git have a
>    way to enforce it?

It is a process issue external to git, but I think this particular use
case is exactly what [gerrit][1] addresses.


[1]: https://code.google.com/p/gerrit/

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