Hi all

Is it possible to have something like @{upstream} but referring to the
'branch.<name>.pushremote' or 'remote.pushdefault'?

My workflow is something like:

The setup:
$ git init
$ git remote add origin <url1>
$ git remote add second <url2>
$ git fetch origin
$ git checkout -t origin/master
$ git config branch.master.pushremote second

And then, I am interested in two different commands:
$ git show-branch master origin/master # to see incoming commits, i.e.
$ git show-branch master second/master # to see outgoing commits, i.e.

I have many other branches and I want to make a script or an alias. So the
first line is:
$ git show-branch HEAD HEAD@{upstream}
And the second one would be something like:
$ git show-branch HEAD HEAD@{*remote-upstream*}

FWIW, this is my complete alias for the first line:
git show-branch `git symbolic-ref --short HEAD -q || echo HEAD` `git
rev-parse --symbolic-full-name --abbrev-ref HEAD@{upstream}`

Daniel Fanjul Alcutén
Tools Engineer @Spotify AB

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