I'm part of a small group of developers using git locally for our SCM, and 
sharing a remote repository on GitHub.

In the last couple of days, one developer noticed that changes he had 
previously committed and pushed to GitHub were no longer present in HEAD; 
the files had either reverted to an earlier version or disappeared 
altogether if they were new.

We've been digging around and scratching our heads to try and work out what 
has gone wrong and why and where, but haven't been able to work this out. 
If anyone has seen anything similar or has any advice, we'd really like to 

Many thanks in advance.

This is what we do know:
* The changes were successfully committed locally to the master branch (no 
detached HEAD involved) and pushed to GitHub.
* The commits for these changes are present if you look at the repository 
history, but not if you look at the default history of the file(s) 
* The commits do appear in the individual file logs if you use 
* There are no later commits that modify these files - i.e. no merge from 
another user that might overwrite the changes.
* If you checkout the relevant commit (which should be the latest version 
of the file) you can see the changes.
* If you then checkout HEAD, the changes disappear.
* This state of the repository is present both on local repos and on GitHub.

What we don't know:
* Where this situation arose - on the original developer's machine, another 
developer's machine or on GitHub.
* Why it arose.
* How to avoid it in future.

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