On Wed, Aug 07, 2013 at 02:55:08PM -0700, Michael Norman wrote:
> I would like to run 'Cmake' whenever a particular project is checked-out: 
> i.e. not all projects, just a specific project.
> I thought - similar to various examples for running ctags or various other 
> utilities - I would put the 'Cmake' command in a
> .git/hooks/post-checkout bash script.
> Is it possible to commit the script so that everyone 'inherits' this 
> behaviour?
> I am using Gitlab 5.4  (running on Debian 7.1) is that makes any difference.
> Thanks in advance,

There is a bit of manual intervention necessary.  I suspect this is by
design since it's widely regarded as a "bad thing" when code is run
automatically as a side effect of some action ;-)

Also see: 


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