I'm using git-svn to track an SVN server so my *master* branch is a 
mirror of the SVN trunk. I have a *develop* branch of *master* which is 
where I do my work (or branches from *develop*). Some initial commits to 
the *develop* branch are setting version files to "snapshots" rather than 
use the numbered values committed to SVN. Therefore each time I re-sync 
with the SVN server I do...

> git checkout master
> git svn rebase
> git checkout develop
> git rebase master
... the version files conflict, typically at least one file will conflict 
> git checkout --theirs <version files pattern>
> git add <versions files pattern>
> git rebase --continue
... develop is now up to date with master with my snapshot files and 
possibly any other commits I have on top ...

As this is quite a frequent operation and follows pretty much an identical 
process each time I'd like to automate this, dropping out in appropriate 
way when on the rare occasion something different happens. The question is 
what's the best approach to do this? 

   - A bash script of the commands above?
   - Use the git "plumbing" commands in a script rather than the 
   "porcelain" commands above (I think have the terminology correct don't I?)?
      - If this would be the preferred approach any hints as to what 
      commands I should look into?
   - Something else?

Thank you for reading my post and thanks in advance for any help you may be 
able to provide.


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