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> Hello Support,
>   I like GIT very much . I also deployed and install GIT on ubuntu server. 
> but tell me why I am unable to pull and push request .please tell me
> step by step of GIT server installation.

It is exceedingly difficult to help you without knowing more about
your setup and what you are trying to achieve.  To further complicate
matters there is no one "git server", here are a few ways to set up a
"git server":

 - git-daemon
 - gitweb behind a web server for browsing git repos
 - git-http-backend behind a web server
 - any of the other web interfaces found at http://is.gd/VsiGAD
 - any of the access control solutions found at http://is.gd/8I6E3q
   e.g. gitolite
 - ...

So, to provide you with more help you have to first provide us with
more information :)

>   Please help me for that , I also deployed Bonobo.Git.Server on windows it 
> is working well on it.

Why not just use it then?  Is it not fulfilling all your needs for a
git server?  What is it missing?


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