I do not think it's possible to only clone a part of a repo. That being said, I 
have not experimented with subtree nor submodule. Have you look into that yet?

Is there any way for you to access to repo from a remote host, but not mounted 
nfs? Seems like a flaw in network design.

One hour is not the long if you let run over night (my experience took over 
35min without nfs). Is that nfs plus your network time from the server? If so, 
maybe you can get on that server and clone locally on the server so it is no 
more nfs. Then from your local machine, clone your cloned?

Unfortunately, I can only offer potential workaround. I have no experience to 
say that when pushing back to the nfs repo would be any faster if you could 
clone only a directory.

Hope that helps a little.


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