On Friday, August 16, 2013 6:04:29 PM UTC+2, Dale Worley wrote:

> Using Git (, it appears that if I run "git diff" in a 
> directory that is not part of a Git working copy, it produces this 
> error message: 
>     $ git diff 
>     usage: git diff [--no-index] <path> <path> 
>     $ 
> 1) This message doesn't tell the user what went wrong.  (Indeed, 
> invoking "git diff" with no arguments is valid in a working copy.) 
> 2) The usage message is incorrect, in that the manual page lists four 
> fundamental invocation formats: 
>        git diff [options] [<commit>] [--] [<path>...] 
>        git diff [options] --cached [<commit>] [--] [<path>...] 
>        git diff [options] <commit> <commit> [--] [<path>...] 
>        git diff [options] [--no-index] [--] <path> <path> 
> Am I correct here? 
> Dale 

Well, I wouldn't say it's wrong. Given that there is no Git repository, and 
hence no index, it assumes that it's running in --no-index mode, that is, 
the 4th format. Quoting the docs:

"If exactly two paths are given and at least one points outside the current 
repository, git diff will compare the two files/directories. This behavior 
can be forced by --no-index."

Perhaps this could have been stated in the docs. I find them a bit hard to 
read too, as with any git command that can work in many different ways. I 
am sure the git-devs would appreciate some concrete ideas for how the docs 
and error messages can be changed. Here's how to get in touch with them if 
you feel up to it: https://gist.github.com/tfnico/4441562

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