On Thursday, August 15, 2013 12:29:10 AM UTC+2, Sam Roberts wrote:

> I don't see anything in the docs (other than a gui.pruneduringfetch). 
> I'd be OK with a global default, I think I want this always, but a 
> per/remote option for .git/config would be nice to. 
> Have I missed this somewhere? 
I usually prune as part of cleaning up old unused branches. I believe each 
of these cleanup utilities include automatic pruning:

   - *git-cleanup* (ruby gem): https://github.com/mloughran/git-cleanup
   - *git-sweep* (python/pip script): https://github.com/arc90/git-sweep
   - *git branch-blame* (shellscript): 
CAUTION: Make backups before trying out the above scripts. I'm not the 
author, nor have I tested them to any lengthy degree. 

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