> From: Konstantin Khomoutov <flatw...@users.sourceforge.net>
> > 2) I dislike defaulting to using a pager
> I think you're a part of a minority in this case -- when you work with
> Git in a shell, having to append " | mypetpager" onto the end of each
> Git command producing a lengthy output quickly becomes tedious up to a
> point of creating specific aliases etc.  And Git's awareness of the
> interactivity of the user's terminal does not ends here: if it detects
> the prospective output would fit into a single screenful, it does not
> pipe it through less, so when Git is used *interactively,* it's
> behaviour is just natural -- you have paging exactly when you would
> need it.

I've a general attitude that the basic behavior of a program should
have as little complexity as possible.  In this case, since Git
provides a good facility for setting one's paging preferences, I would
make non-pagination the default.

This is enhanced by the fact that 99% of the time that I am using a
shell, it is within a shell window in Emacs, so long output will be
properly saved (and be searchable) afterward.

> > (partly because I dislike "less" in particular).
> I'm not sure what's wrong with less, really: it supports searching
> in both directions, has control over line wrapping, supports ANSI color
> codes and even a mode analogous to `tail -f` -- the latter feature is
> not applicable here but I'm trying to show that this tool is of general
> use to a typical command-line-savvy power user.

My complaint about "less" is that it does not exit when one types

> Also I think `less` is considered no less standard than `cat` on a
> typical contemporary Unix-like system so lots of power users just have
> finger memory for it, like they do for their text editor of choice.
> In either case, alternatives exist (I'm able to recall `most` off the
> top of my mind).

"less" was named as a pun on "more", which was the name of the simpler
paging program that was previously very popular.

> > 3) In any case, using a pager by default doesn't seem to be
> > documented, either on the main "git" manual page or in "git-config".
> Please consider bringing this up on the main Git list then.

Yes...  Clearly, we don't want to change the standard behavior now.
But I see that the paging behavior is controlled by at least 5 things:

the -p/--paginate/--no-pager options
the GIT_PAGER environment variable
the PAGER environment variable
the core.pager Git configuration variable
the build-in default (which is "less")

There is documentation in git.1 and git-config.1, and the two are not
coordinated to make it clear what happens.  So I'll ask the main Git
list what the intended behavior is.


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