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wor...@alum.mit.edu (Dale R. Worley) wrote:

> > But I am wondering if I can read some file or files to get same
> > list ?
> Of course, the information that git-show provides for you it extracts
> from some file or files, so in a sense, the answer is "yes".  But I
> suspect you are asking "Is there a file which directly lists this
> information?" and the answer to that is "No".  Almost everything you'd
> want to know about a git repository is heavily encoded and compressed,
> and you must use Git executables (or Git library routines) to extract
> it.

One should note, however, that there's currently no official Git
library, so there's no "Git library routines".
Someone else earlier on this thread pointed out the existense of the
libgit2 project which is a mature ะก library for manipulating Git
repositories, but no part of Git is currently uses it, and it's a
separate project.  Various other access libraries exist but have the
same status with regard to Git itself.

So, practically speaking, calling Git's own plumbing commands *is* the
official way to manipulate Git repositories.  Yes, it might be
inconvenient or might cause performance problems, but it's still the
first thing to consider when pondering ways to access Git repos

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