On Wednesday, August 28, 2013 2:56:55 PM UTC+8, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen 
> Doh, I managed to paste the same content twice in my previous mail. I'll 
> try again, and delete the original in the online forum one for easier 
> reading.
> <my mail again, this time with correct paste>
> I get the same situation on my machine (OS X 10.8.4). Funny thing is that 
> there are actually real diffs, not just some EOL conversion stuff. Excerpt:
> diff --git a/extra/linux- 
> b/extra/linux-
> index 1b5aa10..473e43b 100644
> --- a/extra/linux-
> +++ b/extra/linux-
> @@ -1,208 +1,82 @@
> -[ NOTE: The virt_to_bus() and bus_to_virt() functions have been
> -       superseded by the functionality provided by the PCI DMA interface
> -       (see Documentation/PCI/PCI-DMA-mapping.txt).  They continue
> -       to be documented below for historical purposes, but new code
> -       must not use them. --davidm 00/12/12 ]
> +The io_mapping functions in linux/io-mapping.h provide an abstraction for
> +efficiently mapping small regions of an I/O device to the CPU. The initial
> +usage is to support the large graphics aperture on 32-bit processors where
> +ioremap_wc cannot be used to statically map the entire aperture to the CPU
> +as it would consume too much of the kernel address space.
> What's even stranger is that I can't get rid of the changes. git checkout 
> . has no effect.
This was what I found also. I cannot revert the checkouts. In addition, the 
diffs appear to come from (random) past versions.


> The same commit! And in the same file! Or is it really? No, the first file 
> has lowercase letters only, while the other one as IO uppercase.
> This means that the author has a filesystem that is case-sensitive, while 
> ours is not. So effectively, the second file is checked out on top of the 
> other (or the other way around).
> So either you have to check out the code on a case sensitive file system, 
> or the author has to be a bit nicer and not check in files like that :)

But this is the first time I'm encountering this problem. I've checked out 
other repositories created on Linux previously to Mac OS X without any 
consistency issues, but this is the first time I'm seeing this on Mac OS X 
where git seems to think that there are modified files. On a Linux system 
the repository appears to be correctly handled by git.

 Setting ignorecase = false does not have any effect.

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