Here's my situation and I need advice on what the best way to handle it is 
as I'm newer to Git. I'm using these repositories as my own and I'm not 
working in tandem with anyone else but I want to keep my workflow clean and 
able to incorporate anybody I add to the project later. Here goes:

I made a repo as a starting point for all my projects -- the idea here is 
to clone this repo to use as a base for any new project I start. I want to 
be able to clone it and then never check it back into the repo I cloned it 
from, but instead create a *new* repo for that specific project.

When you clone a repo, it sets up a .git directory and all that but if I 
were to push any changes, that would push them back to the original I 
cloned it from, right? So is the proper way to go about doing what I want 
to simply delete the .git directory that comes with the cloned copy and 
just git init a new one or is there a better way to do this?


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