On Tuesday, September 3, 2013 10:44:10 AM UTC+2, Magnus Therning wrote:

> Based on your description above I think you can get away with only a 
> single central git repo that the country-based operations can clone. 
> The country-repos would then base their 'master' on a tag, make a few 
> country-specific changes and commit them.  When they want to move to a 
> new release (another tag), they simply move 'master' to the new tag 
> and transplant their local changes (using either `git rebase` or `git 
> cherrypick` as needed). 

I like the idea of each country nursing their fork.

Note that they could also merge new changes from the "international" (I 
wouldn't call it master, because it has too much baggage as a Git term). 
This would make for clearer history, IMHO. If you want to overwrite all 
local changes with the merge, use 'theirs' as merge strategy.

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