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Chris Bridgen <christopherpbrid...@gmail.com> wrote:

> My organization is thinking about Git as a repository for FM+SMGL
> source (binary) files. We have very minimal requirements:
> * ability to check in / check out multiple files at the same time


> * ability to download entire sets of files to another server

No.  You can only transfer objects from one Git repository to another.
The granularity of this history is a single branch or a tag.  You can
transfer arbitrary number of them at a time though, and the transfers
are incremental, of course, -- only the information which is missing in
the receiving repository is transferred.  But Git does not offer any
notion of a file (or a directory) in its native protocols.

On the other hand, if "to another server" is OK to mean "to a Git
repository on another server" then the answer is yes.  The receiving
repo can then be accessed with the usual Git commands to extract
arbitrary files from it.

Another alternative which might be applicable is the `git archive`
command which can be used to produce an archive file containing the
snapshot of the selected repository state.

> * ability to restrict some user's ability to create new
> branches/folders

No with plain Git.  On the other hand, front-ends exist which implement
ACLs with this granularity. gitolite and gitosis are popular choices
(with the former one appearing to be a very popular pick these days).

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