We moved from CVS to Git a few months ago. We use Git throught 
GitExtension, & VisualC++9.
We are experiencing the following trouble.

When one is working on an include with many dependancies, eg top.h, and 
wants to pull, eg to get very_bottom.cpp; first git asks to stash 
everything, does the pull, and pops the stash back.
So at the end, top.h has not changed, very_bottom.cpp is updated. Fine.
But in the loop, VisualC++ understands that the file top.h has changed, and 
asks to recompil everything. Worst when top.h is a myproject.vcproj all 
files of myproject are closed in the editor.
Even if our compilation is not that long, 1-2min, it is very annoying, and 
we suppose we are missing something? This scheme worked perfectly using CVS.

The same trouble appears when one wants to push a tiny fix in 
very_bottom.cpp and that he is not up-to-date with the repository. First he 
has to pull, hence stash...

We pull using a rebase to avoid these ugly little useless branches. But 
afaiu, a merge does the same.
I understand it is related with the branching model. But it is definitely 
not that obvious to make a good one with frequent pull/push (eg 1/h).
I cannot imagine, with such a modern system, that the stash cannot be 
avoided when the files have nothing in commun.

I am sorry if this trouble has been discussed hundred of time, but I could 
not find it.


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