>Do you have to keep the test key or you just want to *replace* it with the 
production key?

I want replace the test key to production key.



> If replacement is needed, then just overwrite the  id_rsa and id_rsa.pub 
files in your %HOME%\.ssh folder with the new 

> ones (they might also be named id_dsa[.pub], and the .pub file (the 
public part of the key)

You mean, I can the new key only copt in folder g:/.ssh/


A point to note is still, the name of my nek key ist "mykey_130903.pub" and 
"mykey-privatekey_130903.ppk" is this important?


Sorry, I forgot to write that I'm using TortoiseGIT.


>How exactly did it not work out?

I can work with TortoiseGIT with the new key, key form 03.09.2013.


ssh -T -vvv user@host git --version


sh.exe": c:xampphtdocsworkspace_aptanarepositorisbmykey_130911.ppk: command 
not found 


Here is first error, my key, that I use ist mykey_130903.ppk not 


eval $(ssh-agent -s)

Agent pid 9528



ssh-add mykey_130903.ppk


after this I make pull "git pull" and get following message:


fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

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