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> I use Git 1.8.3 (git-scm.com) on Windows 7. Are there any variants
> for showing git overlay icons in Windows Explorer like TortoiseSvn?

No it's impossible and supposedly will never be: TortoiseFoos use deep
Windows Explorer integration which spawns a per-user copy of a special
caching program (which runs in the background and can only be seen via
Task Manager or a similar tool) to make cost of supporting these
overlays in terms of performance acceptable (which comes at a price of
sometimes being slightly out of sync with the reality).  Git for Windows
itself is just a set of standard Git tools which do not know anything
about Windows Explorer.  This situation is most probably unlikely to
change (and for good, IMO).

On the other hand, good GUI Git front-ends exist, with various levels
of integration into Windows Explorer:

* Folks behind Git for Windows develop their own (cross-platform)
  front-end called Git Cheetah which is bundled with Git for Windows.
  It does integrate into Windows Explorer.  Not sure about whether it
  supports overlay icons.

* There exists TortoiseGit front-end which quite resembles TortoiseSvn
  when it comes to visual appearance and workflow, overlay icons

* Git Extensions [1] is my personal favorite in this category.
  It does not integrate with Windows Explorer (or may be I opted out of
  it -- I can't remember) but it's a quite feature complete front end
  with one crucial property compared to TortoiseGit: it's *not* trying
  to force you to assume a Subversion-like mindset when working.
  Git is really different from Subversion and attempts to make
  Subversion converts to feel themselves in a familiar environment are

1. http://code.google.com/p/gitextensions/

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