I'm currently trying to realise the following git workflow in our team:

*Our Infrastructure:*
We have a remote repository called "dev". it contains puppet modules / 
puppet source code.
The source code gets frequently pulled into our puppet masters file system 

*Example workflow:*

   1. Developer 1 creates a new branch "hotfix-module-xxx".
   2. Developer 1 pushes the branch to the remote repo.
   3. Developer 1 *pulls *the changes from that branch to the filesystem of 
   the puppet master server. (git pull origin hotfix.module-xxx).
   4. Developer 1 runs tests with the source code from the branch.
   5. *When the tests are complete, I would like to have some kind of 
   rollback. That the changes from the hotfix branch are reverted. (something 
   like git pull origin master) and the filesystem is at the state before the 
   6. If the tests are successful, Developer 1 can merge his hotifx branch 
   with the main branch and then push it out. After that he can pull the 
   changes to the file system of the puppet master server. 

The problem is, once i "git pulled" from the hotfix branch, these changes 
are in the file system. There is no "going back". 
Even if i remove the branch from the remote repository and pull from it 
again, the changed files from the branch are still in the file system.

Is there any way to realize this?

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