Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> wrote:
>I know 'git ci' is perfectly fine shortcut to 'git commit'.
>Either way, it doesn't matter. Even if we agree that /etc/gitconfig.d
>is what we want, or we add an /usr/share/git/config, Junio is not
>going to apply any patch, even if it's what most users want.

Please stop making personal attacks that add nothing to your argument. No one 
cares.  Let it be.

Let's move this in a more constructive direction then, no?

How about working on documenting the new aliases and add a knob to the Makefile 
so that we can choose whether or not to install the stock config?

I'm not trying to fight this patch -- the idea is nice. Most users and distros 
probably won't change stock aliases, so your energy may be better spent getting 
consensus on what the stock aliases could be. 

Would it not be better to have these aliases, plus/minus one or two, then none 
at all?
Yes I know about .rpmsave files. For rpm, it'll refuse to upgrade Git since 
this new file will conflict with an existing package.  That's easier to deal 
with because the config package can then be independently modified to install 
its file to eg git.d/foo.conf in the directory include example.  That would 
then allow the upgrade, and at no point did the intended config ever get lost.

Puppet users, for example, may end up with rpmsave turds on their systems, 
though. When you are managing lots of machines this can be very annoying -- 
that's why I mentioned it.  Don't bother arguing this point any further. It's 
In summary -- makefile knob, please, and at least mention the stock aliases 
somewhere in the docs so that the users can know to read /etc/gitconfig if they 
want to know more.  Who knows, maybe it will get applied, but it definitively 
won't if all you do is whine about it.


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