Hello All. 

First I must apologize for asking a question in 
other people's thread (which I don't like myself) , but you are talking 
the approach that I am going to use, so decided that this will be
appropriate in this case. 

Here is the question.

I recently decided to switch from 'task branch rebase' aproach to 'merge' 

I used to work in the task branch, periodically switching to master, making 
pull and
rebasing task branch. This worked fine, except I could not publish my task 
And it also leads to massive recompilations, since I have to switch to 
master and then back.

I decided to switch to merge apporoach, that is  do fetch periodically, and 
merge 'origin/master' to my task branch.  

The problem now is how to check what I have done.

I always can find what I have done in my branch from the start, by 'git 
diff origin/master...task_b'
but I cannot find my changes between two given commits or by several last 
commits, as it always 
shows any merges that have been  done in-between. Is there any remedy for 
this problem ?

Regards, Konstantin

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