I'm having trouble building git statically. I have an entire toolchain that 
is built statically, there are no shared libraries.  I'm trying to build 
git as a part of this toolchain and it has all kinds of link errors that I 
think have to do with the configure.  

I'm running the following configure command...

./configure --prefix=$PREFIX CFLAGS="${CFLAGS} -static"

If I build I add NO_OPENSSL and NO_CURL things will compile fine.  I would 
like to have at the least https functionality so I'm trying to get curl to 
link which seems to get me hung up on the library dependencies when 
linking. I have to add things like LIBS="-lcrypto -lssl" to the configure 
to get remotely close to linking properly.

Can better support for static linking get added to the configure/Makefile 

On thing I've noticed with configure scripts is that they always expect 
dynamic libraries to be present. This is not always the case. If the static 
option is specified during configure, the configuration tests should do 
static linking as well to verify the library is present.

One thing that I've found that normally always works is when the configure 
scripts make use of pkg-config.  If pkg-config is given the --static 
argument all of the linking dependencies are returned and compilation works 

I'd love to see some improvements to the compilation process for static 
builds, but at the very least I'd appreciate some help getting this built.


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