hi group,

I recently started a new branch in a project. It appeared that the branch 
only contained new software and was not based on the rest of the project.
I want to move that branch to a new repository, but not all of the history 
of the original project. I found out with the help of google, it is 
possible to git-push a branch to a new repository, but then all the history 
of the project comes with it, not only from the point where the branch 

     \ E-F-G

Both D and E-F-G are based on C. I only want to move E-F-G to a new repo

The best I can think of is this:
* git push the branch to a new repository (giving A-B-C-E-F-G)
* with git-rebase delete all of the old project commits A-B-C

Is this the only way?

thanks in advance, Ruud

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