Hi All,
Apologies if this was asked somewhere else but my colleague and I haven't 
been able to find any mention of a situation like this before.
1. We started in CVS with a Main Repository "A" and within it, a 
subdirectory "B"
2. We migrated to GIT and preserved all history - we have Main Repository 
"A," and pulled out subdirectory "B" into it's own repository. "A" and "B" 
are now two entirely separate repositories.
Is there a way to bring "B" back into Main Repository "A" and preserve all 
history (for both)? "A" and "B" have now progressed a bit, otherwise we 
would just scrap the whole thing and do the migration over again.
There are plenty of links and info on combining repositories, but we've not 
seen any regarding combining two repositroies that were once one.
Thanks very much,

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