hello people,

I am currently working on a GIT workflow that is supposed to do the 

   - there is one central repository named "puppet" - hosted on gitlab
   - the repository is supposed to have three "fixed" branches: master, 
   test and dev 
   - the content of each branch is represented on the filesystem of a local 
      - branch master = /etc/puppet/modules/live 
      - branch test = /etc/puppet/modules/test
      - branch dev = /etc/puppet/modules/dev
   - every developer is supposed to have his own copy of the "dev" branch. 
   and should only be able to push to and pull from that branch (and selfmade 

so the question is: how do i pull only a specific branch to the filesystem? 
how do i protect the "fixed" branches from accidental pushes?
is there any way to realize something like that?

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