> > 1. Copy (resursively) the whole project directory to some other place,
> >    right now.  This is not to inflict more harm than already done.
> >    Git won't delete anything irreversibly, but "drastic" operations
> >    like the one you supposedly did leave some objects as "unreachable"
> >    (in Git's parlance, they are now "dangling").  They will be there
> >    until a garbage collection is run on the repository, which is usually
> >    an automated operation, so, again, stop doing anything there and
> >    copy over the whole project directory.

If you staged your changes, then they were stored in the repository as
objects.  Once you reset the index, references to the changed file
contents were lost, but until Git garbage collects, the objects are
still there.  "git fsck --unreachable" lists all objects that can't be
reached, so changed file contents that were staged should be
discoverable that way.  You can dump the contents of an individual
file with "git cat-file <hash>".


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