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praveenm mulimani <praveen.mulim...@gmail.com> wrote:

> We are using windows 7 to download the git source through repo
> command. We are getting the below error (although we have 20 GB free
> space).
> Fatal: Out of memory, malloc failied (tried to allocate 2306150400
> bytes )
> Git version: 1.8.3.msysgit.0
> Git configuration details:
> pack.packsizelimit=2g
> pack.threads=1
> pack.windowmemory=256m
> Please help us to resolve the error. Thanks in advance.

malloc() deals with memory, not disk space.
Here it tries to allocate 2.15GiB of memory.

Git for Windows is a 32-bit application (unless you managed to somehow
build your own version using a 64-bit compiler), and Windows sets a 2GiB
cap on the amount of virtual memory each 32-bit process might use [1],
and this space includes the process' own text segment and all the
dynamically linked libraries which means the available memory space is
even less that 2GiB.
For some reason Git tried to allocate more than this amount.


1. The amount of free *disk* space you have has nothing to do with
   this error -- it's about allocating memory.

2. I'd say the pack.packSizeLimit should not affect the packing
   behaviour -- at least that's what I gather from the manual page.

3. pack.windowMemory *should* affect the packing behaviour.

4. From (2) and (3), it follows that the error has nothing to do with
   packing the objects in the Git database, and so tweaking pack.*
   options on the *client side* supposedly has nothing to do with the
   problem (but might have sense for the server -- I don't know for

   So the next question: is this error local or remote?
   Can you copy and paste the printout of the *whole* cloning session?
   This could allow us to discern the side this error happens at.
   Preferably also have GIT_TRACE=1 set in the environment before
   running the clone command -- the printout will be more detailed.

   We need a los more details, that is.

1. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa366912

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