I have an idea that involves partial updates of large data sets from 
multiple sources. Pretty much, the content will in most cases preexist and 
will be synced with a central repository. I might be barking up the wrong 
tree, but I think git might be a good model to replicate. I could fork the 
code and prototype the concept but when I'm done it would be used in a 
solution if it fits the bill. While writing this post, I'm even seeing how 
git could be used without too many changes.

Nice! This group is awesome! It auto-answers questions even before they're 
even submitted. Any advise would be appreciated in any case but the 
modified concept I thought about while typing this would more or less be

Extract existing data to file system with in my expected format, git them 
to my git server, automate the insertion to my db from the git server. You 
guys rock!!!

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