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> > What's pushed when a developer simply runs `git push` or 
> > `git push <remote>` in their repository is another story completely
> > as it depends on a number of details.  If you're interested about
> > this, ask away. 
> Yes I do. I new with git and I would like to understand more.

Unfortunately, currently I gather that you're trying to make things
working by asking on public forums rather than reading a book so I'm
inclined to wait for specific questions.

> Also I did not understand from your answer, how I can see on the git
> server the name of the files and their content.

As I've said, by using the same Git commands you would use on a
"regular" (non-bare) repository: `git log`, `git ls-tree`,
`git show` and so on.

You could also employ a number of techniques to just get a work tree
out of that repository right on the server, and check out whatever
commit you wish in it -- see [1] for two possible ways to do that.

Another possibility is to just clone that repository right on the
server (just make sure you're not using the "file://" scheme when
cloning otherwise the clone will waste disk space).

And may be you were talking about just *viewing* the repository as it's
hosted on the server.  If yes, there exist web front-ends to do that --
read [2] for more info.

1. http://stackoverflow.com/a/18789418/720999
2. https://groups.google.com/d/msg/git-users/Y_75fi-tyEg/B3DBR11XhpAJ

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