> From: PJ Weisberg <pjweisb...@gmail.com>
> On Oct 16, 2013 5:51 AM, "Roy Vardi" <roy.va...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Say I have a commit hash which is shared by two branches (I cherry-picked
> it from one branch to the other).
> The hash is a SHA-1 hash of all the commit metadata: tree, timestamp,
> *parent*, etc.
> A commit created by cherry-picking will have a different parent (history),
> a different tree (assuming some files in one branch are different from the
> other branch), and other different metadata.  So it will have a different
> hash from the commit or was based on.

Although often people (incorrectly) use the word "commit" to designate
not a commit, but the changes that were introduced by the commit.  In
that sense, a "commit" can be copied from one place in the commit tree
and applied in another.

It would help a great deal if people used the term "delta" in this
circumstance -- "I cherry-picked a delta from one branch to another,
creating a new commit which introduced the same changes as were
introduced by the old commit."


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