> From: Rik Svendsen Rose <rik.s.r...@gmail.com>

> The folder that i want included is:
> 02 Microsoft SQL Server/xxx/MSSQL/Backup
> I have tried adding into my .gitignore folder:
> 02 Microsoft SQL Server/**/
> !02 Microsoft SQL Server/**/Backup

I don't think that Unix-style shell globs define "**" to mean
anything.  Or rather, it has the same meaning as "*" -- any sequence
of characters not including "/".

Have you tried

    !02 Microsoft SQL Server/xxx/MSSQL/Backup

There are further complexities of .gitignore that you might be able to
exploit:  If the line starts with "/", then the pattern must describe
the file's pathname starting from the current directory.  But if the
line does not start with "/", the pattern may match starting in any
subdirectory.  Thus, including "*.bak" causes any file ending in
".bak" to be ignored, no matter what subdirectory directory it is in.
That means that you might be able to use "!MSSQL/Backup" to un-ignore
the directories you are interested in.


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