I have made some improved version of rebase, which I would
like to present. The git rebase is already a wonderful tool.
But, it has a number of disadvantages:

* Very poor support for merges. If I have a
  diamond-shaped history, and want to change some of the
  branches - I cannot do it in a single run of rebase, I
  have to rebase the branch before the merge, then merge
  manually.  Maybe this lack of merge support is the reason
  why people prefer rebase everything in a linear history -
  otherwise history becomes unmanageable.

* Very slow at Windows. And it seems not to be caused by the
  size of repository, it's more because of many calls of
  external programs from shell scripts which rebase is
  implemented in.

* (This is minor but still annoying) - bad UI of reword, I
  first need to decide that I should change the comment, and
  only much later I have a chance to actually write it.

git-rebase2 is an attempt to fix these. It is still very
raw, but should be already usable.

Repository: https://github.com/max630/git-rebase2
(there are readme which contains a bit more comments and
the commandline reference)

A practical case, where it can be useful:

I would be glad to see your opinions, does it seem
useful, what could be done better, and other feedback.


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