On Monday, October 21, 2013 3:26:39 PM UTC+2, Shashank Gupta wrote:

> We have master and a second branch in our repository. We are merging from 
> branch to master every few days. Master has almost no new changes at this 
> time (other than the merge commits), development is happening entirely on 
> the branch. 
> The latest merge is failing with a merge conflict. I can fix the merge 
> conflict, but there are a lot of other files which do not show any merge 
> conflict but have not been updated to the version in the branch. These 
> files do show as modified, but they are not in sync with the version of the 
> file in HEAD of the branch. 
Git should do the right thing here. If you have made changes in the branch, 
and then merged it like you explained, the changes from the branch should 
be there, ready for being committed. If the files are shown as modified, 
they must have changed somehow.

I'm suspecting that you are doing `git diff`, and not seeing the expected 
changes because the changes are already staged. To see staged changes, you 
have to do `git diff --staged`. 

Can you paste the output during one of these merge operations, also include 
the output from doing git status after merging.

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