I expected that these two would be equivalent, and that neither would end 
up modifying any commits:

   git filter-branch --commit-filter '*git commit-tree $@*'
   git filter-branch --commit-filter '*git commit-tree -F - $@*'

However, I have discovered that the latter *does* modify some commits. 
 Using "-F -" appears to add a terminating newline at the end of any 
message body that doesn't already end in a newline.

(FWIW, these commits without newlines at the end of the message appear to 
have been introduced by merging pull-requests using the github GUI.)

Three questions:
Is this a bug or a feature?
If this is a bug, where should I report it?
If this is a feature, are there any other differences I should expect 
between these two forms of git commit-tree?


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