On Mon, 14 Oct 2013 05:50:29 -0700 (PDT)
Ling <oylf1...@gmail.com> wrote:

> We are going to integrate the Git with VersionOne and also trying to
> create some hooks that prevent when developers trying to commit/push
> the changes into the remote repositories, for example: when developer
> trying to commit/push the new changes from the local repository into
> the remote repository, it require to enter the VersionOne defect#,
> and it will check if it match this V1 defect#, or this V1 defect# is
> in correct state... then it can be push into the remote repo,
> otherwise, it fire the hooks and reject this commit/push.
> So we are trying to get some ideas on how we can get this hooks
> create?

How is your question different to the matters discussed
in this thread [1] which you yourself seem to have started?

1. https://groups.google.com/d/msg/git-users/DzxY0wkyJPE/O4p95Whf-3IJ

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