I wonder if anyone can help. I am looking into using GIT in my team. 
Currently we are using an access database to store and search for script 
files. I just need a little advice on the best way to implement GIT. Most 
scripts that I want to version with GIT are SQL, PLSQL and Shell 
Scripts for various systems. 
I am thinking of creating folders which will contain certain script types 
for each systems. For example - I will have a folder for 'SQL Scripts for 
System A'. I will then turn each of these folders into repositories. Is 
this a good way to structure our repositories?
Also - I am a bit confused about how to search for items in GIT. Say for 
example - I want to find all SQL scripts in 'System A' that deal with user 
maintenance - is there a way I can tag the scripts (by adding metadata?) as 
I check them into GIT so at a later date I can search from them? If so - 
how would I go about doing this?
Finally - I am looking for a good IDE which links directly to GIT that the 
team can use to develop a wide range of scripts (SQL and PL/SQL being that 
main scripts the team develop).
Sorry for all the questions - many thanks in advance for any help.

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