So I own a VPS server running CentOS, and decided to use git for 
deployment. Man! That's fun. Push, done!
I'm really happier than i was with the old ftp approach.

But I wish I could go further, today it deploys automagically all my files, 
but it doesn't even touch my db. And if I change it in the mods, I have to 
update it manually. So i was thinking about using some git hooks to do this 
also automatically.

By now I'm using one git hook at the server, it's a post-receive hook and 
basically copies files to the production directory when pushed to master.

The prerequisites for the DB deployment are:
1) It needs to go both ways, if i pull from db, and it's different from my 
local it should update my local db.
2) It should be based on modifications and patchs and not the dump of the 
whole db, this way i can work with the team without compromising other guys 

I was thinking about keeping a db.sql on the version control, and make a 
script to analyze it on post-receive (on server) and post-merge(on local), 
so it can take the mods and apply, and i would keep a database of which 
mods were applied already (the script should run in both, client and 

Any of you guys have already done something similar to this? What would you 

Thank you very much already, 
Hope we can find a solution =)

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