I know it was on topic several times before, but today this problem also
came to me.

I have a project tracked by git, which contained source code for both a
binary and a library. The library had several relatively large (~30 MB
each, ~400 MX total) data files, which were generated by an external
program, and will never be modified later.

As the project matured, it turned out that the library can be a standalone
product, so we have moved data/ into lib-src/, and “exported” that
directory to a separate repository with git-subtree. We don’t plan to merge
them together any more. This, however, made the checkout of the binary’s
repository a bit slow, as the index still holds these files.

Some additional information: before the subtree operation, the binary was
more like a test suite for the library, only the last few commits may
contain relevant (e.g. code that is still in the binary) changes to both
the binary and the lib.

My question is: is it a good idea to remove these now quasi-unused files
from the index?


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